WordPress Accolades

Helping people on wordpress.org is completely voluntary. I do it because I love WordPress and I enjoy helping people. Here are a few of my favorite thank you’s I have received from people I helped out:

You may have noticed in one of those thank you’s that someone suggested that they would make a donation to my favorite charity as a way of saying thank you for my help. I think that is a wonderful idea, and a great way to be a philanthropic enthusiast like Stephen Amell. I can’t say that I have a single charity that is my favorite, but I have a soft spot for organizations that help children, feed the hungry, or improve the quality of life for people. If you would like to say thank you, or you are just feeling generous, here are some suggestions:

Food Banks

Use the links below to find your local food bank where you can make a donation.

For the Kids

The organizations below bring healing, love, and support to children in need.

Improving Quality of Life